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SterlingCool-PlasmaCut Premium Plasma Water Table Fluid

SterlingCool-PlasmaCut Premium Plasma Water Table Fluid

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Bad Dog Metalworks is an approved distributor for SterlingCool-PlasmaCut. We love that this product is safe, operator-friendly, and affordable. We use it ourselves in our Star Lab table and have been extremely happy with the results. We think you will be too!

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Proudly made in the USA, SterlingCool-PlasmaCut is an extremely premium plasma water table additive that will prevent rust, bacteria/mold growth, insect infestation, foul smells, white residue build-up, etc. It will not foam, and it is terrific on all metals (including aluminum), and most importantly, it does all of this while being 100% safe and operator-friendly! SterlingCool-PlasmaCut is trusted and used in thousands of plasma water tables, including being used by some of the largest manufacturing companies in the US.

• Absolutely prevents rust, mold, foul odors
• Extremely long “shelf life” (1-2 years)
• 100% Safe and Operator Friendly
• Non-Staining (great on aluminum)

SterlingCool-PlasmaCut does not contain nitrites, sulfur, chlorinated EPs, phenolic biocides, or DCHA. Not for use on Magnesium.

It mixes at 20:1 (1 gallon of PlasmaCut for every 20 gallons of water) and is unique from the competition in that SterlingCool-PlasmaCut forces “slag” to ball up as it falls to the bottom of the table, making it easier to remove. It also rejects tramp oil/debris, keeping your table cleaner for longer periods of time and saving you even more money!

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