Care Instructions:

While we do our very best to provide you with a perfect sign, please use caution when handling. Depending on the design, sharp edges are possible. Properly secure your artwork on the wall. Keep in mind that bare metal signs will rust organically if you don't finish them. (Which is often done intentionally to achieve a rustic look) We also provide powder coat services that will do all of the work for you. Each powder coated piece easily wipes down using just a damp cloth & is safe for outdoor display.

Estimated shipping times:

Each piece is made to order and ships out to the continental United States within 5-10 business days.

We currently only ship to the continental U.S. Please contact us for a quote on International shipping. 

Digital Files: 

The buyer shall only use our digital files in accordance with the permissions within this agreement.

With the purchase of this digital file, you are buying the right to create consumer products. You are not purchasing the right to resell and/or share the digital file you purchased. Bad Dog Metalworks retains full right of the file for resale purposes.

Please secure your digital content, as your download link will be limited. We do not send replacement files.

Please note, all digital designs come with two dxf files. These are not different designs or revisions. They are alternate formats. Some machines will work with either, while other machines/software prefer specific DXF formats. If you have an issue, please try the included alternate dxf before assuming it's the file.

Misc. Questions:

I see your signs on other shops and websites. What’s up with that?

We don't just sell metal artwork. Our art was in such demand that we decided to sell our designs to other small businesses too! It's highly likely you'll see your favorite Bad Dog cuts all over the internet.

Do you offer different sizes?

We can make ANY of our designs larger. However, not all designs are candidates to make smaller. Smaller pieces often result in loss of details. In other words, bigger is usually better. Contact us now for a custom size quote.

How do I hang my art?

Some of our signs come with mounting holes. This will reflect in the product photos. However, others do not. For those designs, you can use the cut-out areas to tuck small finishing nails. 

What if my order arrives damaged?

All of our parcels are insured. In the event that your order arrives damaged, please document the damage with photos. If the packaging is damaged, take photos of that as well. Contact us here and we will work with you to either replace your order or refund you.

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