Black and White Product Photos

So, you've started a business selling metal art? One of the first orders of business is adding products to your website. We don't have to tell you that first impressions are everything, so these photos are paramount. If you've researched other stores selling similar products, there's no doubt you've noticed the infamous black-and-white product photo.

While there's no argument that this aesthetic is ultra clean and to the point, it does more harm than good. Let us tell you why!

This black-and-white look has been done. Again, and again. And again. So much so that even the most successful metal art businesses are starting to pull away from it.
While legibility is crystal clear, it can still create confusion. What are you selling? Stickers? Patches? Vinyl decals?
In an already saturated industry, these black-and-white product photos are so commonplace they often don't draw in as many prospective customers. (For all of the above-listed reasons.) Opting for eye-catching, in-use product photos is an excellent way for your customer to envision the finished product in their own home.
The most detrimental effect is losing sales. You'll lose sales for several reasons, and they're all 'black & white.' (Pun intended.) First, you're allowing your competitors to steal your designs. With the simple left click of their mouse or 3 minutes using free software, your designs are now everyone else's. Now everyone is offering your product and, without question, are undercutting your prices. They'll likely continue by showcasing these designs in, you guessed it, black and white. The snowball effect continues.
"I'm not worried about it because I bought these designs."

You may not have put any seat time into designing said art, and while you may not lose sleep over this, you probably should. Not protecting your investment does more harm than it does good. If you buy files from Bad Dog Metalworks, using these black-and-white product photos violates our terms and conditions of use. (For obvious reasons.) While you paid for the use of these designs, you can bet the next person will not. They'll swipe from you and further flood the market, undercutting you every step of the way. And the snowball rolls on...
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